Private Events

There’s no better way to break the ice. Whether it’s a birthday party for 30 guests, a fundraising gala for 300, or a corporate conference for 3000, our typewriter Haikuists create an atmosphere of shared wonder as guests engage with our poets.
This interactive experience sparks conversation amongst all in attendance and creates lasting connections as guests share their thoughts and experiences with one another.
  • National Geographic
  • Cosmopolitan
  • New York Post

Booking Steps

Every event is unique. We always begin with a quick call to discuss details on both sides to ensure your guests have the best experience possible.
Get in Touch

Retirement parties, fundraisers, backyard festivals, birthday bashes, cocktail soirees––if it's a gathering of humans, we're up for it.

Customize Your Experience

Our booking team will set up a call to discuss the specifics. We'll work with you to tailor the experience to your specific needs and preferences, and ensure that every detail is just right.

Make it Happen

Each of your guests goes home with a personalized haiku!

Two haikuists in action with their typewriters
Guest leaning over a table to get closer to the typewriter poet
Posing poet and haiku recipient smiling and glad from their interaction.