14 Haiku to Save You From Writing Your Own Love Poems on Valentine’s Day

14 Haiku to Save You From Writing Your Own Love Poems on Valentine’s Day

Feb 06, 2024

Valentine's day comes each year like a softly-sailing petal, and what better way to whisper sweet nothings to yourself or your sweetheart than through the ancient, yet ever-so-tender art of haiku? We believe that love isn't just in the air—it's in every syllable, waiting to be woven into a haiku that hearts will hold dear.

Haiku of Love: For Your Eyes Only

We've penned a collection of haiku that are ready to be whispered, written, and wrapped up in a bow for your beloved (which includes yourself, of course). 

Whether you choose to text them with a string of heart emojis, scribble them inside a card, or recite them under the moonlit sky, these haiku are your secret love potion. Use them wisely, and watch the magic unfold.


a ring made of string
would not dedicate me less
than one of diamond
it’s not the only
reason I love you but you
make me feel like me
your company proves
to calm and invigorate
to soothe and to stir
love’s timeless conceit:
the burgeoning oneness of
two hearts aflutter
gifting chocolates
in an effort to reveal
that I love you most
this sweetest season
reminds us of special friends
cherished all year round
my darling, my muse
never will I stop seeking
that laughter of yours
the one who you trust
who catches the gentlest light
who makes time make sense
upon realizing
beyond infatuation
this is indeed love
eyes brighter than suns
and truer: into his/hers/theirs I
can look directly 
unnaturally pure:
the hope which seizes my heart
when I think of you
our love is on loop
it get’s better every time
-let’s go make popcorn?
twenty more years, please
let’s change not even one thing
except for…..more love!
like notes on a staff,
dj cupid played a song
-sonic love potion!


Thank you to our talented poets, Jessica O’Brien and Erick Szentmiklosy, for contributing these haiku.

Unleash Your Inner (Haiku) Poet 

Feeling inspired? Good! Because now it's your turn to play Cupid with your words. We've put together a bouquet of topic prompts that will help you craft your own love-filled haiku. Whether you're a seasoned poet or a first-time versifier, these prompts are your stepping stones to expressing your unique love story. 

Remember, the best haiku come from the heart. Don't fret over perfection - focus on feeling. After all, it's the thought and the love behind each syllable that counts.

Self love

  • What is a quality about yourself that you’ve worked on developing, and now love?
  • When you’re feeling low, what is something you treat yourself with?
  • What would your 10-year-old self be proud of you for right now?


  • If falling in love were a scent/a color/a flavor, what would it be?
  • What is your love language to give, and to receive?
  • Someone’s just planned the most romantic date you’ve ever been on—what is it?

Significant others

  • What was the immediate thought you had when you saw them for the first time?
  • What is your favorite gift they’ve ever given you, and why?
  • When was the first time you danced together? What is your song?

Thank you to our poet and Director of Sales Leah Clancy for contributing these prompts. Want to talk with her more about the best prompts she’s asked guests? Email her to chat.

Love, Laughter, and the Art of Haiku

Don’t forget that this holiday of hearts and flowers is not just about grand gestures or expensive gifts; it's about taking a moment to truly connect with your loved ones, whether they're near or far. A simple haiku, heartfelt and handcrafted, can bridge distances, soothe souls, and spark those oh-so-needed smiles!

This Valentine's Day, let's raise our pens (or keyboards) and craft haiku that will echo in the hearts of our loved ones. Remember, if you ever need a muse, a word of encouragement, or a haiku to call your own, we're just a booking away.

Happy haikuing, and even happier loving.


Haiku and flowers

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