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Typewriter Poets for Any Event


Haikuists make each of your guests feel seen by you. It's like a photo booth for your soul.

  • Personalized keepsakes

  • Professional & approachable

  • Simple setup


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Our poets are vibe masters. They pick up what your guests are feeling, collaborate on a topic, and co-create the most personalized entertainment experiences possible.


Each haiku only takes a few minutes, allowing our team to create personalized works of art for a large volume of people in a short amount of time. Everyone who wants a haiku gets a haiku.


We stamp the back of each haiku with your logo or monogram. Most guests immortalize their haiku by placing it on their desk or nightstand, framing it their wall, or even getting a tattoo.


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Content Worth Sharing

Everyone wants to know what your haiku was about, and they want to tell you theirs. The experience is social media gold, sure. But the real magic is that it's shareable in the moment, at your event. It is the ultimate icebreaker and gives strangers reasons to become new friends.

World Class Poets

We found the most tapped in people on the planet to entertain your guests. They are the type of people whose special talent is connecting deeply with anyone about any topic and immediately capturing the spirit of their conversation with a haiku. They are trained on our process and overseen by a team of booking managers.

Over a Decade of Experience

Eleven years have honed our craft, but the magic never gets old. Our poets aren't just performers, they're explorers. They dive into your event, seeking authentic connections with every guest. It's this constant exploration, fueled by experience, that creates unforgettable moments of poetry.

Success Stories

Two women in white t-shirts laughing and interacting at an event.
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The friends - always dressed to impress... set up their royal typewriters at events, pecking out haikus on demand.

'Cosmopolitan magazine logo in pink on a green background.'

...In under a minute there's an original haiku on an index card for the guest to take home, a poetic souvenir.

They've been booked for fundraising galas, wine shop openings, indie film nights, weddings, and countless other events...

Haikuists remind us of the power of words, of our desire to love, and the importance of face-to-face connection in our screen-obsessed world

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what your question is about a Haikuists activation, our team is always on hand to provide prompt and accurate answers.
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