frequently asked questions

What is a Haiku?

A haiku is a tiny poem whose purpose is to capture the spirit or the essence of something. It’s like a photograph but in words.

How does this work?

Two poets arrive at your event dressed to impress, each with a vintage manual typewriter and a sign that says Free Haiku. Guests tell us anything they want and we write them a one of a kind haiku in less than two minutes.

How much does it cost?

Schedule a call here to talk pricing. Fees start at $1,500.

What types of events do you do?

Experiential activations, corporate events, weddings, launch parties, fashion shows, private parties, trade shows, client dinners etc.

What does the setup look like?

Commonly we are the life of any party we attend. All we require is two chairs and a table to fit two typewriters and signage. It’s great to place us in a high trafficked area.

What do the poets wear?

We dress to impress – typically we are sporting formal chic, three-piece suits and stylish dresses. We can match a specific theme upon request.

What do people do with their haiku?

Recipients of our haiku commonly frame them, hang them on their fridges, or even get them tattooed. We aim to create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

What cities are you in?

NYC | LA | SF | DC | ATX | Chicago | Portland | Baltimore | Boston | Vegas | Philadelphia | Raleigh | Buffalo | Detroit | Ann Arbor | Denver | Montreal

Can the haiku cards be custom branded?

Of course. Our clients typically send us a hi-res file with their logo or monogram.  We make a stamp and print it on the back of each haiku.

Who else have you worked with?

Clients include but are not limited to: Google, The Knot, SpaceX, Lululemon, Snapchat, Barnes & Noble, Avametric, Tiffany & Co., IBM, Hudson Yards, and hundreds of other amazing companies & individuals.